Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lauren's 30th Birthday

I am going to upload some pictures from Lauren's 30th birthday celebration. We had a great time. Carisa and Matt came to Hermann with us to meet Mom, Jay, Lauren and Lauren's friend Leonna. We had a great time touring all the wineries. Carisa got sick but was a great trooper. Matt said he didn't like wine when we started but by the end of the day he was a wino like the rest of us. It was a really fun celebration!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cabo Trip with the McCarty's

We took a trip on December 26th to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was really fun and so nice to be in hot weather. It was chilly at night but the days were perfect for tanning. While we were there we went on a whale watching excursion, parasailing and zip lining. It was a first to zip line for me. It was a great reminder of how out of shape I am. It was difficult pulling yourself to the end if you didn't make it all the way which happend to Ann and I frequently. Honestly, the best was going backwards. It was a rush, a tough work out and fun to experience. Our resort was all inclusive so we spent a lot of time there. I didn't get to see any celeberties which of course I was bummed about. All the celebs came in for New Year's and we had just left. I think blogger is finally letting me upload pics so I will try to upload some. I do have them uploaded on my Facebook account.